Trekking in Uttarakhand gives opportunity of exploring beautiful mountains & feel the thrill of conquering it.

The foot hills of Himalayas also popularly known as Garhwal himalays have as many as 50 treks.

Uttarakhand is one of the hottest tourist destinations for trekking freaks. Trekking is a simple activity that can take form of an adventure sport too. When you trek, you simply explore the surrounding area near a forest, a mountain or a village by following an easy trail. But you can turn it into an adventure by trying the tough routes that are slightly dangerous and only experienced trekkers can dare to try.

There is no experience that can beat the enthralling experience of trekking in Himalayas as it’s a very serene and beautiful place. The captivating views of the rivers, the sky-kissing peaks and the dense forests are a treat to your eyes and a boon for your soul.

While exploring the wonderful trek trails, you can reach heights of up to 4000 meters during summers and 1800 meters during winters. You can also visit a religious shrine which is called a pilgrim trek and soothe your soul as you reach a holy place like the temple of Lord Shiva when you finish the trail. You can also trek near glaciers, meadows and snow belts at the mighty Himalayas.


Trekking has various levels, i.e., easy, moderate and difficult. Beginners must opt for easy treks like Nag Tibba, Bedni Bugyal, Panwali Kantha, etc. and must take a guide with them the first few times for their own safety. People with some experience can opt for moderate trekking routes like Madmaheshwar¸ Kedar Kantha, Har- ki- Dun, etc. Only experts should try the difficult routes like Sahstra Tal, Roop Kund, Nanda Devi, etc. There are so many options for trekking in Uttarakhand that it’s not possible to mention all of them here. You can literally explore a new trail for weeks even if you try a new one every day.


One of the most popular treks every person must try is the valley of flowers trekking experience. Valley of flowers is a UNESCO world heritage site that can be reached by scaling a height of 3,858 meters from Ghangaria after reaching Ghangaria by completing a 14km gradual ascent trek from Govindghat. You can also take other routes like completing a 17 km long trek from the Joshimath town.The long journey would be worth it when you get to see over 500 species of wild flowers like lilies, saxifrags, sediams, zinnia, poppy, geranium, etc. and pretty Himalayan butterflies. You can explore this beautiful trek from May to September.


People who wish to trek whenever they wish would love to hear that there are many routes that are open round the year. Those of you who wish to explore the treks during the trekking season must visit the treks during August to October and March to June. Trekking in Uttarakhand is a worthy experience for every Backpacker and adventure lover. You can increase the fun by indulging in other activities like skiing, bungee jumping, rafting, camping and much more!!

Explore the beauty of Uttarakhand on your feet and you will never forget it!!!