Tehri Lake Water Sports Adventure

Get your quota of adventure filled by opting for Tehri Lake water sports this holiday season.

Experience the water sports adventure at tehri lake tourism, Uttarakhand

Tehri lake has recently started all kinds of water sports adventure

The adrenaline fueled fun offered by the calm place is hard to forget and is a source of incredible memories. Situated just 300 km from the Indian capital, Delhi and just 110 km from Dehradun is the nature’s marvel, the Tehri Lake. Earlier the Tehri Lake tourism was highly dependent on the Tehri Dam, which is an architectural spectacle and one of the World’s largest hydroelectric projects. Now, people visit this amazing place to enjoy Tehri Lake water sports adventure that have gained a lot of popularity in a short while.

The stunningly beautiful lake spread across 4,000 acres has clear water that changes shades with the sunlight. The clouds, the hills and the double rainbows are enough to enchant anyone. But when you add in the thrill of water sports, you are taking the trip to another level of awesomeness. Tehri Lake is a prime example of how stunning man-made lakes can be. It offers a peaceful atmosphere, lovely views and breathtaking adventures. The place has already become the go-to destination for adventure lovers who wish to try various water sports.

Before you indulge in Tehri Lake adventure sports, you must know the basics. Tehri Lake is located near the New Tehri town that is spread over an altitude from 1,550 meters to 1,950 meters above sea level. The town overlooks the famous lake. You can reach the lake via Kanatal, Chamba or Dhanaolti. The lake also signifies the meeting points of the Bhagirathi and Bhilangna rivers. Tourists from India and all across the globe visit the amazing place to enjoy water sports filled adventure activities.

Here’s a list of adventurous activities you can enjoy the spectacular place.


Boating: You can enjoy the sound of water and the sway of it by renting a boat and taking a boat tour in the lake. The beauty of your surroundings and the peace of mind you will experience in the boat can’t be described in words.


Jet Speed Boat Ride: This boat ride is best suited for people who wish to conquer their fear of water. It’s better to enjoy this ride with family or friends so that you can hold onto your loved ones when the speed increases and your heartbeat accelerates.


Water Skiing: The jet skiing or riding a water scooter is a bit more adventurous than boating. The water can get scary for the first timers. If you are a newbie, tell your guide about it so that you can ski on flat water only.


Zorbing: Ever thought of walking on water? You can do it as a part of your Tehri water sport experience. You can try to run on the water by using a few meter long inflatable zorb that looks like a ball but is extremely safe.


Banana Boat Ride: Feel closer to the water while enjoying the delight of a banana boat. This is an inflatable boat with fewer passengers and more fun.


Bandwagon Boat Ride: Enjoy the bumpiest water ride of your life by trying this unique boat in which you can sit comfortably by leaning on the support. You will be held by a safety harness. The speed of the boat and splashing water would etch itself in your memory forever.


HotdogRide: Feel closer to the water and the scenic views by taking a hot dog boat ride at Tehri Lake. The boat has no roof and it’s enormous which ensures that you have the time of your life. Kids will particularly enjoy this ride as it makes them feel freer.


Paragliding: Paragliding is among the topmost Tehri Lake adventure sports. Though it’s not water based but the joy you get while flying in a light weight and free flying glider aircraft is hard to express in words. You can only feel it. And yes, the bird-eye view of the lake surroundings would surely leave you breathless for a minute.


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tehri Lake is in the summer months of April, May and June. In winters, you can visit during October, November, December or January and get an added benefit of enjoying skiing here.


Future Plans

The Uttarakhand government is planning to introduce more Tehri Adventure Sports like Snorkeling, Rowing, Canoeing, Rafting, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Angling, Cruise Boating, House Boating, and Hot Air Ballooning in the near future.

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