Skiing in Auli

Feel the rush of snow crunching sound under your feet while you attempts to find a balance on slippery ground.

Ice ski in Auli Uttarakhand is the best skiing adventure one can seek in India.You can literally feel on top of the world when you choose to try the adventure of skiing near the mighty Himalayas. Skiing is one of the best winter sports enjoyed by people from all over the world. But when you are seeking the best destination for Skiing in India, you can’t do better than Auli. The snow clad mountains, the long dissents, and the wide open space makes Auli hill station a great option for ski lovers.


Skiing is for everyone

If you are new to skiing, you don’t have to worry as the skilled instructors would be ready to teach you the adventure sport from scratch. You will also be allowed to ski only on low slopes (at a slow pace) to ensure your safety and well-being. Those of you who are skilled at enjoying this sport, you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying on every high slope and wounding your way speedily through the amazing surroundings. Everyone, from small kids to young adults and from teenagers to elderly people can enjoy this amazing sport if they are healthy, have the right BMI, listen to the instructors and take some basic precautions.


The Views are Stunning

The slopes of Auli, Uttarakhand are surrounded with high peaks such as the renowned Nanda Devi Peak, Kamet, Duna Gir and Mana Parbat. You must thoroughly enjoy them while you are exploring the ski slopes. After all, Auli is referred as Switzerland of India due to the amazing views it presents to all the people craving peace and natural beauty.


The Priceless Cable Car Experience

Reaching the slopes is possible by using a jeep or a climbing a rope. It is also possible by using the cable cars that give you a bird’s eye view of the amazing forests, enchanting scenic views and mighty rivers. The thrill of looking down from the cable cars has its own charm. (But if you are afraid of heights, don’t try it!!).


Best Time to Visit

Though Auli weather remains pleasant most of the times but the best time for opting for skiing is in January to April. You can’t beat the thrill of skiing when the weather is cold and you are dressed up like an Eskimo. You can also enjoy some ice skating in Auli, India during the winters to enhance the adventure levels.


Best Place and the Best People

As Auli tourism is largely dependent on Ski lovers, you will see that the people of Uttarakhand are very amenable. They would welcome you with open hearts, guide you through every step of skiing with patience and use the best in class equipment to ensure your safety. You will really feel like home here.

Don’t forget to indulge in trekking during the day and camping during the night to triple the thrill of your memorable trip.