River Rafting in Rishikesh

Experience the peaks & valleys of calm waters only while rafting Rishikesh.

Experience the best white water river rafting adventure at shivpuri rishikesh uttarakhand.

Are you bored of your day to day life? Seeking to add some adventure and thrill to your life? There’s a marvelous way to do that. Plan a trip to Rishikesh and experience the heavenly and out of the world experience of river rafting in Rishikesh. You will be enjoying the rafting experience on the holy river of Ganga and the mystique of the river would add a new charm to the whole expedition.

  •  Best time to Plan Rafting in Rishikesh

Before you start making your plans to enjoy this adventure, we suggest that you brush up your knowledge on the Rishikesh rafting season. The season usually starts in September and lasts till June. If you are planning the trip with the special one, you can plan it during the months of November, December and January as the cozy winters would add a bit of romance to your expedition. People with family should opt for March and October months when it’s not too cold or too hot to bother the kids or elderly. Young people or a group of friends would enjoy rafting during the months of March, May and June because at these times you can enjoy the water and the sun together.

  • The Grades

Another vital thing you must remember about Rishikesh rafting is that there are 5 major river water grades that differ on the level of difficulty one will face during rafting. Grade 1 is best suited for beginners and non-swimmers as you get to enjoy rafting on small waves and water paths that have no obstacles. The second grade is moderately difficult but still has clear passages. The third grade is considered difficult with narrow passages and irregular waves.

The fourth grade of Rishikesh river rafting is for experts as it requires precise maneuvering through difficult passages and powerful waves. The fifth grade is only for professionals or highly experienced rafting lovers who have the confidence to maneuver through congested passages and violent waves.

  • Things to Remember

When you are enjoying river rafting Rishikesh, it’s obvious that you would want to enjoy the experience as soon as possible. But a bit of advice never harms anyone. Wear the clothes the trainers and instructors have guided you about, carry all essentials including sunscreen and a first aid kit and be sure to not stray from your path. Remember, breaking the rules can threaten your life.

  • Unwinding Afterwards

After you are tired from the rafting experience, you can unwind in a hotel or resort near you. You can also enjoy some camping at night to make the journey more memorable. Good food, bonfire, and the company of other rafting lovers would be worth every rupee you have spent on this trip. Start planning your trip now!!