Languages of Uttarakhand

Garhwali, Kumaoni and Jaunsari with Hindi are the most spoken languages in Uttarakhand.

scripts written in uttarakhand languages

In Uttarakhand, language plays a vital role in binding the people belonging to different communities and regions. The people of Uttarakhand are fluent in using many languages which include regional languages like Garhwali or Kumaoni and national languages like Hindi or English. Many people do not know that the Sanskrit language is given a lot of importance in Uttarakhand. Sanskrit is one of the official languages of the state, the other being Hindi. Punjabi is also spoken widely as many Sikhs also live in the region.

The state shares its borders with Nepal hence, many locals are also good at speaking Nepali. A unique language Hindustani is also spoken as an Uttarakhand Language. This language is a mix of Hindi and Urdu. It developed in the 13th Century and it’s still popular in many parts of India. Jaunsari and Bhoti are the two popular regional languages of Uttarakhand used mostly by tribal people.

Prominent Regional Uttarakhand Languages.

The first and one of the most popular regional languages of Uttarakhand is Garhwali. It is a dialect that has originated from Hindi. Most people who speak fluent Garhwali are also good at speaking in Hindi. The Garhwali Language use is shrinking rapidly and some people believe it’s going out of fashion. But to all the people belonging to the Garhwal community, the Garhwali Language holds a lot of value.

Garhwali Language is also very easy to learn. You can find many online resources that can teach you this language. It would be smart to learn some basic lines before you visit Uttarakhand in case you can’t find someone who speaks Hindi or English. Another language that dominates the people and their lifestyles is Kumaoni. As you may have guessed, this language is spoken by people belonging to the Kumaoni community. This language is listed among the 325 recognized Indian languages.

This language has dialects too. The dialects vary on the basis of the region of Uttarakhand. You can hear north-eastern Kumaoni while visiting Pithoragarh and you can hear central Kumaoni in northern Nainital and Almora. The south-eastern dialect of Kumaoni can be heard when you visit south-eastern Nainital. Both Garhwali and Kumaoni have originated from Pahari language. Pahari language has its own history. It was originated from Sanskrit, Nepali, and Sauraseni Prakrit. Like Kumaoni, Pahari language also has many dialects. For example, Jadhi is spoken by people living in the Uttarkashi district, Jaunsari is spoken by the locals of Jaunsar-Bhabar area and Sailani is common lingo in Tehri Garhwal.

The language is a thread that binds people together and reminds them the value of their rich culture. Now that you have got an idea of Uttarakhand Languages, why don’t you try visiting the state to get an idea of how the languages actually sound? Believe us, you will love visiting Uttarakhand, exploring its simple language, beautiful destinations, and friendly people.